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National Pie week Saturday

11am - 3pm Saturday 6th March 2021

Our Saturday Brunch Pop up Stall will be back again this Saturday from 11am - 3pm.


We will be offering Breakfast Rolls, Drinks and Pies selected from what 'Brits' have voted their most favoured fillings! 

We will be serving them Per Slice or Whole (If you wish for a whole one we do suggest to pre order via email by Thursday evening as only a limited amount will be made!)

Sweet Pies

- Apple Pie £2.50 Per Slice OR £12 Whole to take home

- Lemon Meringue Pie £2.50 Per Slice OR £12 Whole to take home

- Banoffee Pie £2.50 Per slice OR £12 Whole to take home

Savoury Pies

£4 Per Pie (Individual Portions) OR £12 for four:


- Steak & Ale 

- Chicken & Mushroom

- Mediterranean Vegetable (v)

As well as our Whole pies we will also be offering....

Fresh on the table

Bacon Rolls - £2.50

Fresh Tomato, Pesto, Mozzarella and Cheddar Rolls (V) - £2.70

Pork, Red Onion and Thyme Sausage Rolls £2

Sweet Pie Slices £2.50

Homemade Chutney Pots

Tomato and Chilli - 30p

Onion, Apple and Cider - 30p 

Piccalilli - 30p

Muddled Berry Jam - 30p


Bottled Water - 60p

Classic Hot Chocolate -  £2.50

Coffee - £2.25

English Breakfast Tea £2.25

Fresh Mint Tea £2

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday…

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